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That Face!!!

I’ve only recently developed an appreciation for Wonder Woman, but ever since then I haven’t been able to stop reading about her. Wonder Woman #2 continues where the last issue let off and Diana is bringing Zola, who is pregnant with Zeus’s child, to Thymescria so the girl might have a place of rest and some protection. Their time of rest is cut short though when the goddess Strife invades the island. I have to say at this point though that I’m not the biggest fan of Cliff Chiang’s art, especially when it comes to facial expressions. Many throughout the book look disfigured in a way they shouldn’t even for a supposed horror book.

In Wonder Woman story takes a strong presence as we see a series of events unfold that only unveil more questions. Though the plot is interesting and engaging in Wonder Woman #2 the characters seem very one dimensional, especially Diana herself, but hopefully though this will soon end, as a plot twist is revealed at the end Wonder Woman #2 that probably most are aware of by now. The book needs some stronger character development or the book won’t go very far, and it will go the way of previous Wonder Woman titles. The book still has a lot of potential though and it’s one that I myself will continue to pick up, but others might not be so inclined. Those interested in seeing where Wonder Woman is going to go from here would probably still enjoy this issue, but I cannot recommend this new book to newcomers, because it does a poor job of giving us a reason to actually care about its characters.


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