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So she likes losers ?

Review for Wonder Woman #2.

The Story: Eris plots with Hera. Diana, Zola and Hermes get to Paradise Island and they get attacked by Eris.

The Good: I really enjoy seeing gods scheme, here we have a woman scorned one to many times by her husband and she wants to take her revenge on Zeus by hitting on his latest conquest with the help of one their many children, it's like family drama turned up to 100. I really enjoy Zora, as Diana says she is the girl lost in the middle of nowhere, we found her in a forest in the middle of nowhere and she seems to not know what she wants life, she regularly sleeps with a bunch of different guys because she can and she likes it, now im no expert but to me this seems to be an woman who is empowered and also just a little confused about what she needs. We also get to see Paradise Island and the relationship with the Amazons, is seems they make fun of Diana because this doesn't seem like the first time she did something stupid. Also I really liked that Azzarello didn't put the origin in the first issue and only addressed it when he needed to and not to put it for the benefit of the new readers. Chiangs art continues to be very simplistic yet is very dynamic, I love his two page spread with Diana vs another Amazon, you got to see how well the fight evolved.

The Bad: Needs a bit more WW.

The Verdict: Azzarello continues a fine job of establishing everything WW while continuing a very interesting story with the gods. And the art is beautiful. This is a buy.

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Posted by Silkcuts

I think we'll see Azz avoid using WW as much as he should during he run on the series.  He is great at telling stories without using the main character much, that was a comment many pointed out of his Hellblazer run.

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