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Wonder woman isn't who she seems 0

In my opinion, it will be one of DC’s best story boards in the new 52The Good. Cliff Chiang’s genius pick for colors and detail makes this a very enjoyable read. If this was a movie, it would win an award for best cinematography and setting, but in Cliff Chiang’s case, he executes his vision and setting quite well. Brian Azarello captures the voice of each character and makes it their own. The changes in character design is very impressive and the introduction to a new villain will give old fans...

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Separate your soul 0

This issue grabbed me from the first moment as the revelation of who was behind the attacks in the first issue became apparent.  What follows was a bit of a lull as Diana heads to Paradise Island to protect Zola.  Although there is a kind of pointless battle between Diana and another Amazon (Aleka) it still felt right, and almost sort of an homage to the golden age when such gladiatorial events would break out all the time in the presence of the Amazons.  With a strong start and average middle t...

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"That's Weird." "Most Legends Are." 0

I am such a sucker for Greek mythology. It's one of my favorite things to see referenced in literature. Before last month, I'd never read a Wonder Woman book in my life. After this month, I'm going to put this on my pull list.Now, Wonder Woman is not the most artistically ambitious book of the New 52 (that credit goes to Batwoman or Swamp Thing), but Cliff Chiang and Brian Azzarello are doing neat things here regardless. They respect the power of the Amazons and they seem to respect women. You m...

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Zola #2 0

So we got Wonder Woman's origin story a issue too late and she still seems like a secondary character in her own book. She barely talks, she almost never "acts" but rather she reacts to the situation she is presented with making her more of a bimbo and less of a character in my opinion. This is unique to this title and some might find it interesting...and maybe I would too with a different character but this is Wonder Woman. She's the one that makes things happen. She actively seeks out going to...

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So she likes losers ? 0

Review for Wonder Woman #2.The Story: Eris plots with Hera. Diana, Zola and Hermes get to Paradise Island and they get attacked by Eris.The Good: I really enjoy seeing gods scheme, here we have a woman scorned one to many times by her husband and she wants to take her revenge on Zeus by hitting on his latest conquest with the help of one their many children, it's like family drama turned up to 100. I really enjoy Zora, as Diana says she is the girl lost in the middle of nowhere, we found her in ...

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That Face!!! 0

I’ve only recently developed an appreciation for Wonder Woman, but ever since then I haven’t been able to stop reading about her. Wonder Woman #2 continues where the last issue let off and Diana is bringing Zola, who is pregnant with Zeus’s child, to Thymescria so the girl might have a place of rest and some protection. Their time of rest is cut short though when the goddess Strife invades the island. I have to say at this point though that I’m not the biggest fan of Cliff Chiang’s art, especial...

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Gods Draw Blood 0

I must admit this book felt like the perfect first start for a truly great adaptation of the Wonder Woman mythos. The story was an interesting blend of Greek myth and modern invention. Another reviewer on here said that Wonder Woman often felt like a guest star in her own comic book but this time really felt like her story. I loved the colouring of the book; it felt pulpy and retro while still having the feeling of a very innovative design element. I enjoyed the subtle elements of lesbianism – ...

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The Great Amazon Massacre of 2011 0

I thought issue #1 of this new Wonder Woman was better than average, but had a lot of flaws. This second issue really gives me hope though. The story is far more cohesive - we now know that Wonder Woman is definitely protecting Zeus' baby mama from Hera.  The art has really grown on me - while it may be awful stylized, Cliff Chiang's art has some really great points in it's favor - in particular a two page spread of Diana's contest of combat with another amazon is one of the best 'choreographed'...

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Wonder Woman's Left Me In Awe 0

Last issue of Wonder Woman I was amazing on how good it was. I really wanted a good Wonder Woman story and then I was given one by Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chaing. Do they deliver again?   THE GOOD: I really like the art. It's so simple but Cliff has something to his art that you could look at it for hours because of how detailed it is. The story is what really gets we though. Diana is taking Zola to a place where she knows she will be safe, and that is her home, Themyscria. We get to see Hippo...

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Wonder Woman rules. 0

The Good: Cliff Chiang's art is so legendary, I don't think Wonder Woman has had so many Iconic depictions. This comic is such an awesome female powered book, that I buy this for my niece. This series is my first dive into Wonder Woman, I know some of the back story but not too much, I like the relationship between Wonder Woman and the Amazonians. This starts to tell the familiar origin of Wonder Woman, but deviates in an exciting fashion.The Bad:Verdict: Wonder Woman still is making an impact i...

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The Heat of Graceful Battle 0

The Good: This issue set up one of the central conflicts in the series, or at least the first arc, that of Hera's jealous rage over her husband's infidelities. The way we get introduced to this hook was set in a nice framing scene at the beginning that really gets things going in a number of ways. I am just loving the designs for the various gods. And maybe I just haven't seen Paradise Island very much, but I really liked the style of the village in it. It didn't feel like it was a bunch of anci...

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Wonder woman #2 0

Carrying on with great action scenes in this issue, and setting up Wonder Woman's Origin. Then Ending on a note that shatters that! Great issue, sold on this title!...

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Bullet Points Revew: Wonder Woman 0

From the last issue we were left at a point that Zola is bearing Zeus's child. There is introduction of Hera, Srife.The issue now throws some light on Zola's pregnancy and who wants her dead. This clears up the cloud on the events that took place in the very first issue.Wonder Woman & Hermes head back to Paradise Island to protect Zola. Origin of Wonder woman is revealed by Hermes to Zola and hence to the reader. The origin as told here remains that she is a child of clay as the fruit of Hip...

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