razzatazz's Wonder Woman #2 - A Fire in the Sky! review

War Hero

 This issue opens perfectly with the reintroduction of Steve Trevor.   Instead of being the great love of Diana, he is now an ex-war hero who has grown tired of the military perpetuating criminal behavior in war.   Despite riding a desk he is sent on a late night flight where he is ambushed by his co-pilot, overcome hatred given to him by Ares.   Meanwhile Diana travels to a mystical realm to talk with Harmonia who gives her a magical talisman.   After returning to and stopping a bombing of the island by Trevor’s plane, Diana departs with Trevor and the talisman.   This is an excellent follow on issue to the first and keeps the momentum going very well.   The level of suspense is high, and the reintroduction of Steve Trevor is handled quite well.   The love affair between Diana and Steve is something which bogged down the golden age stories – from here on this won’t be a problem.  


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