razzatazz's Wonder Woman #198 - The Last Battle! review

Good Story Arc in One Issue

This is the third of three mod girl era comics which compiled two previous comics into one title.  I have previously reviewed another one of these thinking it was an original issue, but this time I read it afterwards.  Unlike the previous one I reviewed this one is almost identical, I couldn’t find one panel which had been left out of the original.  It is also a much better story arc to collect than the other two.   Of course if you are looking back and re-reading the old issues this one is worth the effort only if you don’t want to bother with two separate issues to read.  The only thing which is different is the cover, which features Diana in another panel of her mod girl era battle armour, though it is not particularly very well drawn.  The entire story arc was good though, but I won’t rewrite the reviews here, as it will be almost exactly the same.  It was originally in issues 183 and 184 

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