razzatazz's Wonder Woman #196 - Down to Earth - Part One review

Book launch

This story is kind of a lighter one (at least from the sense of the first issue of the two issue story arc).  Diana is promoting her book on her life as a heroine and the ideals which she believes in.  Various people are seen reading it from the Greek gods to a journalist team trying to get some good quotes out of it.  There is a book signing with the Martian Manhunter and Wonder Girl in attendance.  This all makes for a not-very-serious issue, but there is a bit more intrigue as Doctor Psycho makes an appearance as he is the intended test subject for a new method of incapacitating individuals with mental powers.  It is a fun issue but with not a great deal of depth, but also one which I think captures the character's nuances fairly well.  The last couple of pages deal with a contemporary issue as well, which is pretty interesting, but it is dealt with so shortly here that more time is needed to see where it is going.   


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