starkiller809's Wonder Woman #19 - Under Seas review

Wonder Woman #19

The Good

Goran Sudzuka is really what makes the art in this issue fantastic. He really comes close to Cliff Chaing in the art and it looks fantastic. The facial expressions are extremely strong and convey tons of emotions even though they are cartoony. Tony Akins also really shines in this issue during the First Born segments. His style matches the shadiness of the deals that are being made. Brain Azzarello manages to make a issue without much action interesting and suspenseful. We get to see what Olympus is up to after the recent events and it's interesting to see the characters really planning and getting ready for what's coming. We also get to see Poseidon make a deal that really effects the characters of the book. The best part of this issue is the development in Wonder Woman's group. From baby names, to Lennox's decision, to the shocking Orion scene, everything in this issue is interesting and leaves you wanting more. Wonder Woman also sets her foot down and really demands to be treated how she should be. It creates a scene where Wonder Woman feels like a total badass. The ending makes the reader want to grab the next issue right away.

The Bad

There isn't much action, but it's not bad at all.

The Verdict: 5/5 (Amazing)

Wonder Woman continues to be one of the best series from the beginning of the New 52. Each issue continues the events started from the beginning but adds onto it and creates one of the best modern retelling of Greek mythology. Wonder Woman also shows why she is the best female superhero out there. If you are reading Wonder Woman this is an issue that you are going to want to get. If you want to start reading Wonder Woman, get the trades and catch up and you won't regret it.


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