razzatazz's Wonder Woman #184 - The Last Battle! review

Diana Gives Her All

Let me say first of all that I love the cover.   This is probably in the top ten covers in Wonder Woman history.  Despite the fact that she is an Amazon it has a Viking motif which we don’t see very often.   The issue sort of proceeds in two parts.   First of all Diana has gone dimension hopping to find the famous heroes to help her in her battle.   She has gone for the likes of El Cid, Sir Launcelot, and King Arthur.   When she did this I sort lost faith completely in this issue.   In the golden age these characters would show up almost randomly as plot devices so I was not so keen on seeing them here.    


What happened when she found them surprised me though.   Despite her pleas, they turned her down.  They had an interesting discussion of the value of heroism, about how people only need heroes when there is something wrong but when not they are forgotten, and these heroes are tired of being remembered and forgotten and so would this time rather just stay forgotten.   This can be seen as analogous for thousands of returning veterans who are forgotten by society.  Diana does convince the Valkyries to help her, which creates probably the most intimidating all woman army ever – Amazons and Valkyries.  The battle in the end proceeds almost as expected and for once the cover doesn’t lie, at the end Diana’s seemingly lifeless body is brought back being carried on a shield.  Overall the two story arc was quite entertaining, and the deeper plot point about the value of heroics elevated this issue.  Definitely worthy of a read. 

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