razzatazz's Wonder Woman #180 - Villainy Inc? review

Two and Two

Continuing with the same format as the previous issue, here there are two issues, one dealing with Diana in Skartaris and the other dealing with Donna trying to help Fury.  Of the two the one with Donna is more interesting, if only because the story with Diana is mostly an origin story for the various villains she is facing.  There is a little bit of action in this story, but none of it involves Diana as it focuses on the villains attempt to capture the main city of Skartaris.  The origin story was well told,  and in a sense it was nice to have the format as is, because this way not too much of the issue is taken up by this.  In the second story Donna goes to Dick for help in researching where to search for the avatar which has left Fury.  This was a shorter story but it was good to see a bit of suspense and mystery.  


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