razzatazz's Wonder Woman #176 - The Witch & The Warrior - Part 3: Hateful Hate review

With a bang

This is the last issue of a three art story arc and this issue finally makes some sense of the confusion, coming as it did on the heels of one DC wide crossover and with another in its middle.  Diana visits Julia to explain to her what has happened to Vanessa.  Meanwhile Cassie does some good detective work and figures out some important information on her own.  The real draw here though is the confrontation between Diana and Circe.  The setting was cool, at the Parthenon, and the action was well handled.  However, it was the way Diana dealt with her enemy which reminds us again why she is such a stellar hero.  This issue definitely saved the story arc from complete mediocrity, its only too bad it didn't have better lead ins.  


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