razzatazz's Wonder Woman #175 - The Witch & The Warrior - Part 2: Girl Frenzy review

Here we go again

 An extra sized issue might suggest an abundance of extra plot or action but that is not the case here. 
 Following on the footsteps of Our Worlds at War (which occurred only two issues previously) DC 
 embarks on another company wide crossover, though this one lasts only one month - Joker's Last 
 Laugh. In the last issue Circe has set the grounds for a big smash'em up battle with all the female
  supervillains on the loose and all the female superheroes assembled by Diana. So much of this issue 
 resorts to basically short vignettes of heroines fighting villains. It is mostly pretty un-engaging 
 though as not much of the actual battles were shown. The mind games between Lex and Circe 
 were well handled, as was the battle between Superman and Diana, but this book basically suffered 
 from two things - first of all two many company wide crossovers (neither of which was all that 
 good either) and being overly long. A regular length issue would have been better here.    
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