razzatazz's Wonder Woman #173 - Amazons! Attack! review

Pretty much everything which can go wrong

Our Worlds at War was not a very strong crossover, it was a bit too convoluted and left too many loose ends not wrapped up.  On top of that in this issue the story is being partially told by the Fates of Greek myth as though to give the issue a bit more meaning.  There is again a lot of talk, about Diana trying to get the Amazons to unite and follow her into battle, and about Diana trying to convince Darkseid that he also needs to help.  There is some action, but the ability of Themyscira to appear anywhere is taken to ridiculous extremes as it appears in outer space.  There was a bit of action in the end, but even the words Wonder Woman shares with Darkseid have little meaning as they have never been elaborated upon.  This issue is just too much of imposed storytelling on the title which was doing fine without outside influences.  


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