razzatazz's Wonder Woman #172 - Her Mother's Daughter review

Blaze of Glory

Most of this issue is pretty average, as was the crossover Our Worlds at War which it is linked to.  Most of the issue has Diana in a sick bay while Kyle and Hippolyta are trying to stop the space ship from being destroyed by Imperiex's drones.  The action is decent enough, though Hippolyta shows she is definitely not Diana's equal in battle.  When she returns she discovers an attack being launched against Earth and she goes to stop it.  Diana though weak also intervenes.  The moments between mother and daughter at the end were well handled though and though Our Worlds at War was not the best crossover, the ending to the "Hippolyta as Wonder Woman" arc was well handled.  The cover is also quite nice, though as usual the parts inside with Superman seemed stunted and unnatural.  

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