razzatazz's Wonder Woman #170 - She's a Wonder review

Another side of heroism

This issue basically puts aside Wonder Woman the superhero for a day and looks at just Diana the hero.  Her various acts of charity are displayed, as is an interest in science and most interesting of all, a look into her romantic inclinations, something which is all but ignored in the regular stream of the comics.  Lois Lane is following her and trying to profile her, but stuck at the end of the day playing pool, the two finally have a discussion which goes deeper than the superficial level.  It would have been nice to not be so Superman focused (Diana claims Clark is her best friend which I don't understand how that is true) but mostly this is just one woman (Lois) somewhat is awe of another (Diana) yet hiding behind a wall of cynicism allowing herself to let her guard down finally and ask some questions which don't relate to her work.  It is an interesting issue but also in some ways could have been stronger.  There were for sure some touching moments but mostly it was the conflict turned amiability between the two famous DC female characters which defines this issue in the end.  

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