razzatazz's Wonder Woman #165 - Gods of Gotham Part 2 of 4: Avatars review

Stone guardians

This a fun issue.  There are basically three streams operating independently - Wonder Woman and Batman, Artemis and Huntress, and Dick and Donna - but the issue never really feels disjointed because of it.  The main focus is Bruce and Diana, and the manipulation they use to free themselves is both engaging and entertaining.  Dick sort of shows up at the last moment and sort of stops a threat to Donna (and in fact this part was written kind of weird for how little killing something bothers Dick) but when it is not Bruce and Diana there is either decent plot or decent action.  The lead-in to the next issue is handled pretty well too.  It is sort of a sequel to the original arc in this series, and definitely is quite good so far.  


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