razzatazz's Wonder Woman #160 - The Amazon of Terror! review


The Cheetah is regarded by many to be Wonder Woman's archenemy, but she sure didn't do much to deserve this title in the golden age.  Here she first tries to rob a zoo, then she hypnotizes Steve into kissing her, which distracts Wonder Woman long enough for her lasso to get stolen.  After Cheetah uses the two of them for her criminal activity until she removes Diana's bracelets, which released the full force of the Amazon.  A backup golden age story deals with Doctor Psycho trying to convince a circus full of people that women are inferior by making Wonder Woman's feats seem non-genuine.  There is not much to praise the issue for, nor a whole lot to condemn it.  The plots are pretty basic, but still entertaining enough.  Really the only notable thing here is two Wonder Woman villains in one issue when she often went many issues in the golden age without facing even one.  


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