razzatazz's Wonder Woman #15 - The Burden of God review

Going bonkers

Thus far in the current series, the developments have been much more centered on the plot developments as related to Diana’s interaction with the Gods.  Although this is still present in this issue, this is the first one which is setting up a big action sequence (which will presumably take place in the following issue.)  Despite being a little off of what has been the norm thus far in the series, the setup here is good enough, especially as relates to Lennox who until this point has appeared to be a friend but maybe really has his own agenda.  For me though aside from this a high point in this issue was the interaction between Zola and Hera, two people that more or less hate one another but whose relatively deep personalities show through their interaction here.  That they have been sufficiently built up to have this interaction despite being secondary characters indicates the ability of the writer to maintain a well-conceived plot to the entire series with engaging characters.  Not the best thus far in this series but a strong entry nonetheless.  

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