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The moment we have all been waiting for!

Wonder Woman is a great series it has been very consistent and has made Wonder Woman one of my favourite characters. But this issue is the really special one ever since the reveal in issue 12 Azzarello has been building to this and I couldn’t wait and with a cover like that everybody should try out the issue.


Orion meets with Milan in Brooklyn after a conversation Orion takes Milan for a ride. In Manhattan Diana talks with Lennox about meeting with Milan. Zola and Hera have an argument of the TV remote but are stopped when Diana breaks up the fight. Diana and Lennox go off to find Milan.


While I couldn’t wait for this issue I was also a little apprehensive about it bringing in the New Gods is a big thing and putting it in this book when it’s only 15 issues in could be risky but Azzarello has been building a lot in this book in terms of Diana’s family and I would like to see an enemy who isn’t a Greek god and the New Gods were always going to be brought into the new 52 at some point since they could do a lot with them. I’ve also enjoyed Diana’s quest to find her family this can’t go on forever but it is interesting to see her not so nice family members. One thing I did know that would be good in this book is the art Azzarello always saves him for the big stuff like issue 7 and issue 12 since they were very important and it was obvious he was going to brought in for this and his artwork is always stunning.

First off let me say that this is one of the best covers of the series the reflection looks great and I love Orion’s face and the detail on his face looks really good.

This issue begins with the new character Milan and we don’t learn a whole lot about him in terms of his history but I do like the start since in the first page since it does basically sum his character and how he lives if you just think about it. Then on the next page we get the first appearance of Orion and he meets with Milan I love the splash page it has a lot of detail to it and I love the shadowy Statue of Liberty in the background. This whole issue has some pretty funny scenes in it but my favourite one is when Milan and Orion head-butt the previous page gave an outline of Milan’s character but this adds more to it and I love it funniest panel I’ve seen in a long time. We also get an idea about his powers we don’t know the extent but we don’t need to its more interesting if we don’t know at first but judging from his powers his lifestyle fits pretty well with his powers.

Possibly the surprise part of this issue is the bit between Hera and Zola. Hera was trying to kill Zola but now they are living together and the conversations they have are really funny especially the fight they have over the TV I love the looks they give each other is quite funny I love how when Diana stops them they both say the other one started it this was a really good way to introduce the characters to this specific issue. Later we actually get them having a more heart to heart conversation and it is nice to see these former enemies making up and becoming friends I can’t wait to see where Azzarello goes with this as it is one of the best parts of the issue and a real surprise.

One of the best parts of this series has been the portrayal of Diana she is much younger only 23 in this series and she does show her younger age in this series with her being a bit more risky and impulsive yet she still retains her more caring nature and it does show throughout the series this does make Diana a more interesting character while sticking to her basic characteristics and how she treats people. The real scene that showed her character in this issue was the argument between Zola and Diana as she has to shout to break up the fight if she was older she would probably just break it up but as she is younger she shouts this is fairly in keeping with her age and was a nice touch to the scene. The best part of this scene though is after she explains what they both have to do she strolls off casually and I love her facial expressions in this scene as it does really show what she’s feeling like in this scene.

People who are after a fight scene between Orion and Wonder Woman come back next issue the fight begins at the very end if you think about it this was to be expected suddenly throwing these two characters into a massive fight would not work and would be pretty awful but Azzarello does it properly and begins it and takes his time if you wanted the fight you’ll have to wait but it is better this way. What was a nice part to this issue was the appearance of Hephaestus since he probably the best design of the gods and it’s always great to see him appear and I like what he does as it does improve Diana’s powers and I’m interested to see the extent of this change.

There is also a short scene with the first born in and while it isn’t the best part of the issue it is still good and does continue his little subplot in this issue and the cliff-hanger for it is good.

Cliff Chiang is back on art and I’m glad he is Tony Atkins can be good but isn’t very consistent but Chiang is a perfect fit for the book as he draws a very graceful and elegant Wonder Woman and he knows how to draw facial expressions.


This was a very good issue and a good start to this long awaited story arc some people may have a problem with there not being the fight but it would feel rushed it the fight lasted the whole issue.

5 stars

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

Good Review. Ordered this now seems it's good : )

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