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Wonder Woman #14

Tony Akins does the art and for the most part, it looks very good and well done. The expressions are very cartoon like but they convey strong emotion. The action that Diana and Siracca put themselves in is well drawn and shows the events without taking over the whole panel. Olympus is also well drawn and all the character have great designs. The story is also very good. Brain Azzerello introduces another conflict with the First Born and near the end we see that he may be the conflict that will help Wonder Woman. This issue is basically about Wonder Woman trying to find the baby that Hermes stole but she has to help Siracca want to help. The end of this issue will no doubt be a huge thing and if you haven't been reading, it maybe a reason for you start reading. We all know that the New Gods are coming back and this really does a good job at putting them into the picture.  
The biggest problem with Tony Akins artwork is the lack of consistency. Wonder Woman looks a little different in almost every panel, and while this doesn't take away too much from the story, it is too noticeable. Siracca doesn't really help and it almost feels like a waste of Diana's time.  
THE VERDICT: 4/5 (Great) 
A little drop of quality in my opinion, but it's still fantastic. Wonder Woman is now a character that is relevant and just pure cool. The Greek aspect of the book is only getting bigger and I think with it, the quality will grow. If you like Wonder Woman, this is going to be a treat for you. If you want to get a little bit on the Return of the New Gods, this is also something that you might want to get. I'm a littler nervous about how the Return will be handled but I think that Azzerello has a plan that will please us all. 
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