razzatazz's Wonder Woman #135 - Fragments review

Could be better

Despite the excellent lead-in to this story this kind of feels a little sloppy.  We learn the full truth about what has happened to Donna Troy since her creation at the hands of the sorceress Magala through her many tortured histories at the hands of Dark Angel.  Most of the main characters of the past few issues converge on Donna Troy together some by chance, others by purpose.  Morgaine Le Fay is also there as is Etrigan and two Merlins in what is a complicated battle.  In the end Diana intervenes although she has been ordered not to.  The battle sequences were mostly all right but the plot was kind of all over the place.  This issue is probably worth reading though (especially for the guys) for how Artemis improvises to kill Morgaine.  

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