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In the aftermath of Amazons Attack, Wonder Woman tries to find her place in Man's world. Protesters gather at the museum that Helena Sandsmark works demanding the removal of their Themysciran exhibit. As the Washington works on healing, Wonder Woman must decide what her role will be.

Wonder Woman is fighting a Hydra and at the Department of Meta Human Affairs, Nemesis is getting excited over Wonder Woman's new win against the Hydra. Sarge Steel then interrupts, asking them whether they have work to do regarding the location of the Amazons. Nemesis replies that they are; they are watching Wonder Woman but Sarge Steels ends the joke by telling him to look for Wonder Girl. Sarge Steel speaks highly for the search of Wonder Girl as he doesn't like "loose cannon half-breed 'championns'."

Diana Prince comes in with the takeaway food they ordered and Sarge Steel explains to Diana Prince about the Wonder Girl situation. He explains that the Amazons need to be put in their place and Nemesis adds that some people agree with him because a protest is happening outside where Helena Sandsmark works. Nemesis adds that her mother is inside and that this could get ugly. Diana Prince acts on it when Sarge Steel leaves and Nemesis asks where she is going. She replies that she is going to go get the drink that she forgot to buy before.

She does her signature swirl and makes her way to the protestors in the front of the museum. Outside, the protestors want the Amazon feature gotten rid of and are circulating a petition to close the Themysciran exhibit. Things are looking grim as three of the major sponsers want the exhibition closed down as well. It turns out everyone's scared of them as the Teen Titans had taken down the internment camp and Air Force One. Cassie's thinking gets her into trouble with her mother as Helena believes that she's not thinking straight and the both of them get into a petty argument about spending time with each other and Cassie apologises for endangering innocents. She then plans that her mother should move away from here and grab some Amazon gear for protection.

Just outside, Wonder Woman lands and people scurry out of the way for her. The reporter is brave enough to start asking her questions, but she turns around to look at the crowd and they all run off. Wonder Woman runs into the Helena's assistant and she asks where they have gone. He replies that they went off but he has no idea where they went.

In Washington DC, various superheroes are helping rebuild a hospital after the war. Wonder Woman stops to check in and Wildcat reminds her of a reopening ceremony she has to go to. He then asks about Polly, otherwise known as Hippolyta and saddens Wonder Woman in the process. Alan Scott reminds Wildcat about the status of their relationship, which isn't too good now.

Wonder Woman then flies off to the ceremoney and there, Black Canary is cutting the ribbon. The students of the school cheer and three girls approach Wonder Woman, where two of the girls explain to Wonder Woman that one of their friends is the biggest fan of Wonder Woman, but is apparently very shy. Wonder Woman says hello and asks a question, much to the surprise of her friends. She asks, "You won't leave us again, will you? You'll protect us... protect us like you did during the war?" Wonder Woman says, "Yes. Yes, I am" and the both of them hug.

Wonder Woman flies above Themyscira and explains that the opposite of war isn't peace, but creation. Whatever is destroyed during the war, the rebuilding must begin, but that isn't the case for Wonder Woman as Hippolyta still chooses to block her own daughter out and is shutting her out like the island itself. However, she believes that she still must fight for what is right, that she is a champion of peace, an Amazon... she is Wonder Woman!

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Give it a chance 0

The Alan Heinberg story arc which started a year ago had a really good premise but he just didn't pull it off the way fans would have wanted and then we had to wait months for the conclusion which came in the Annual. J Torres however, has touched upon the characters of Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl in emotional and feminine ways that even Jodi Picoult couldn't do. Not to mention he's a great guy and donating some signed books to an event I'm cohosting in NJ to raise money for our local women's sh...

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Mother and child 0

This issue doesn't really have any great big moments in it, and for me it ended kind of abruptly, but it grew on me as I read it.  The issue is framed around the relationship between mothers and daughters, but it is more focused on Cassie and Helena as Diana and Hippolyta are still at odds following the invasion.  This is where the issue works the best by showing this contrast between the two relationships, both strained but not in the same way.  There was also a nice montage of the re-creation ...

3 out of 4 found this review helpful.
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