razzatazz's Wonder Woman #125 - Wonder Woman - Battle Prize! review

I Don’t Need No Man (Actually I Do – Desperately)

 Out of the very old golden age and into the end of the golden age, Diana started to be portrayed as madly in love with Steve Trevor and she would do all she could to gain and keep his favour.   Concurrently back stories of Wonder Girl (teenaged Diana) started to run in which she was infatuated by Merboy.   Merboy would return later to become Merman and form a three way love triangle from which Diana couldn’t decide.   I find this to be pretty stereotypical of what men thought women were primarily concerned with (finding a man.)   Its funny how Wonder Woman started out as a comic to show girls they could succeed, but then later the comic basically gives the message that a girl needs a man to be dedicated to in order to be happy.   Anyway in this issue Diana is being fought over by Steve and Merman.     

She can’t decide between the two until Sir Gallahad shows up out of nowhere and she immediately falls in love with him and goes away with him on his spaceship.   She then finds out that it actually wasn't an Arthurian knight but rather Amoeba Man who can assume the appearance of whatever he (or it seeing as amoeba are asexual) wants.   Amoeba Man plans to destroy the world but her suitors come to rescue her.   In doing so they crash into the ocean.   Diana must decide which one to save, but instead of choosing Steve (because Merman can breathe underwater) she saves both of them.   Back on land Merman thanks her for saving him from having to breathe underwater (a complete lack of logic, even by comic book standards.)    The issue like most from this era suffered from Diana’s love struckness, so I can’t give the main story much credit.   There was also a backup information page on superstitions surrounding stairs and another on wooing a bride.   


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