razzatazz's Wonder Woman #125 - Deathwatch review


This issue guest stars most of the members of the JLA at the time (only Aquaman is missing.)  It was not at all action based, instead focused around those closest to Diana rallying around her trying to save her.  There was a lot of good personal interaction here.  The interaction between former lovers Donna and Kyle was especially compelling and Byrne did a good job here although not many words were spoken.  In terms of not many words being spoken though the absolute best cameo here went to Batman, unseen by all, and who doesn't speak a word, but the reader knows exactly what he is thinking.  In the end the heroes concoct a strange plan to see if they can revive Diana (including J'onn making an exact duplicate of her body which was kind of cool to see).  Byrne proves even more frustrating here by showing he is capable of decent writing when it is focused, unfortunately most of his issues don't have the same cohesion as this issue has.    

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