razzatazz's Wonder Woman #122 - Judgment Of The Gods review

As dry as stale bread

This issue almost completely lacks any action rather focusing on basically two separate judgments by the gods which seem like a really boring courtroom drama.  First Herakles defends himself, then Diana defends the amazons along with some of her mortal friends.  It was almost completely non-compelling.  The only good parts was when Ares interrupted with his opinion which was heavily biased but also contained a certain amount of truth.  The Amazon history was retold again in what seems a little pointless after the retrospective in the previous issue.  There is an interlude where Cassie talks to Zeus as well which seems a little weird, though it gets explained in time.  Overall just about as bland an issue as you could conceive of, the only redeeming factor being the very last panel leading into the next issue.  

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