razzatazz's Wonder Woman #121 - Stone May Grow review

Gardens of Stone

To be honest this is not my favourite of the Byrne story arcs.  I understand what he trying to do, with yet another issue devoted to testing the Amazons' faith in their gods, but he has done it in a less succinct way than has been done in the past.  All the Amazons reverting to clay is kind of weird and isn't really engaging me as a reader because the end result will be the same as always.  There are a couple of redeemable moments, but they are mostly in the non-sequitur interludes (which are building to future stories as Byrne likes to do.)  The confrontation between Diana and Champion at the end (or Herakles as she now knows him) is interesting but it gets back to the clay idea once again.  Seeing Artemis back was nice, but the references to how cool Superman is reminds us once again that it seems like Byrne doesn't really want to be here.  


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