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An AMAZONS ATTACK tie-in! As the Amazon war reaches a climax, Wonder Woman begins a desperate search for a missing comrade whose fate is inextricably tied to the future of Special Agent Diana Prince!

At the Department of Meta-Human Affairs, Diana is being briefed on Everyman posing as Sarge Steel to keep people away from the real place that the real Steel Sarge was being imprisioned in. Everyman then snuck back here while the rest were busy dealing with man-beasts and nuclear missiles. However, the question that Diana Prince asks is, "Where is Everyman now?"

Meanwhile, in the medical bay, Nemesis feels he is ready for work, but the doctor insists that he stay for another 48 hours in case anything happens. However, Nemesis is not in the mood for arguing and makes the doctor take a nap and changes into the doctor's physical appearance, exiting the building.

In the control room, another agent reports on Circe, saying that is sitting on the throne in Themyscira and a visual of that on the large screen. Diana Prince realises that she's waiting for Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman makes her way to Themyscira when Nemesis tells her to wait up, as he would be happy to help her. As they enter, it turns out that Nemesis is Everyman and turns out he lured her into a trap, where he throws a grenade and runs off, but finds Circe in front of him.

Everyman realises that Circe had betrayed him and asks why she abandoned him and she replies that she will explain later. Everyman then asks about "Plan B" and then realises he is being tricked again. He changes his arms into Cheetah's claws and Circe dodges his attack and smiles – because Circe is actually Nemesis! Everyman turns into Silver Swan and files off, but Nemesis holds on and demands to know where Sarge Steel is. Everyman then turns into a gorilla and both of them fall into the water. Everyman turns into a mermaid and swims towards the cemetry. Nemesis makes it onto the other side and uses an abandoned motorcycle on the road to make his way to the cemetry.

At the cemetry, Nemesis chases down Everyman and demands that he reveal the location of Sarge Steel and Everyman indicates the Tomb of the Unknown Solder. Nemesis attempts to remove the grave and Everyman asks to help, but Nemesis trains his gun back onto Everyman. But it turns out that Everyman has a bomb detonator. Wonder Woman throws her tiara and knocks it out of his hand. Everyman goes for the detonator but Wonder Woman lassos him and lifts up the grave to find Sarge Steel under it.

Later with Everyman held in a prison cell, Sarge Steel addresses the staff and tells everyone that the headquarters should be up in 24 hours. After the debriefing, Diana Prince takes Nemesis aside and discusses how they are going to deal with the fact that how he knows who she really is and asks him to keep the Wonder Woman secret to himself. Bemused, he admits that he has a bit of a crush on Wonder Woman, but he says that it is the Amazon Princess who wants him and thinks that Diana Prince wants a relationship with him. However, Diana realises that Nemesis no longer remembers that she is Wonder Woman and her secret identity is safe once more.

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