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Hippolyta had entered the Cavern of Doom and she makes her way down, wondering what happened to Cottus. Suddenly, a number of demons fly towards her and she cuts them down with her sword. She is obviously outnumbered and the vulture cannot do anything for her except guide her. She has come prepared for this journey she undertakes, so she brings out a little bottle of oil and fills the bowl of her shield. She then uses a stone and flint and with that, she ignites a spark. A fire starts burning and the demons fly away from the fire but not before Hippolyta hurls the flaming shield, sending the demons to their fiery death.

In Oklahoma at the home of Steve’s aunt and uncle, Steve sits besides his dead father and apologises for not being here sooner. There is so much that he wanted to say as Steve’s father was a good man. After Steve’s mother died, his father took on the role of parenting and he was the best soldier. He takes his father’s hand and he hopes that he will understand his decision to retire. Downstairs, Etta and Edna Aanonson are looking at photos of Steve’s mother. Steve’s aunt explains that she was lost 40 years ago and Etta comments that Steve never really talked about his mother. She asks Edna what her name was, and she replies “Diana.”

“Diana!” Wonder Woman says, shocked. The woman standing above her confirms that the Amazon Princess was named after her, the mysterious woman that her Amazon sisters would never speak of. She takes off her helmet and says that she has been waiting for this day for a long time. It was time the Amazon Princess learned her heritage. Wonder Woman asks what the Challenge of the Gods is, and Diana replies that it is a way of learning about one’s self and suggests that Wonder Woman sit down because they have a lot to talk about. She says that she was born Diana Rockwell in Omaha, Nebraska and that they have a lot in common – they are both independent and both love flying. Then she married and was then named Mrs. Lt. Ulysses Stephen Trevor. Wonder Woman’s awareness pricks up as Diana says “Trevor”. Diana continues, as she says that she gave birth to her son, Stephen. Wonder Woman then realises that the Steve Trevor that she met is Diana’s son. Diana explains to Wonder Woman that Ares was a pawn of the Fates and by using Steve as a pawn; he affirmed the connection with Amazon Princess. She then joined the Woman's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron. With both of his parents in the Air Force, Steve stayed with Ulysses' sister's family though Diana always wrote to Steve. In August 1945, the family was reunited as the war had ended. After the war, Diana had promised to become the wife and mother but for Ulysses, it was not enough.

In the Cavern of Doom, Pan sits on a rock looking at the slain corpse of the Hydra. He plucked the Hydra’s teeth and planted it in the ground. Hippolyta is not far from Wonder Woman as she finds two portals. The vulture guides her through the right portal and then she suddenly hears music… the music of Pan’s pipes. Suddenly, the ground around her erupts and skeletal hands appear from the ground and she finds herself surrounded by three skeletons armed with swords and shields.

In the Aanonson home, arrangements for the funeral have been made and they sit on the couch looking through old photo albums. There is one picture where Diana is seen wearing her flying jacket, with different patches and W.A.F.S. insignia. This was the last thing Steve saw her in.

Meanwhile, Diana continues telling story, saying that being a pilot means making sacrifices and she feels her son made too much of them. She told Steve that she will miss his birthday, but will be home for Christmas. The Air Force was waiting for the new Sabre jet and Diana was dying to fly the jet. When she kissed Steve, he didn’t kiss her back and to this day, she wonders how he knew. She tried to forget Steve’s sadness by burying herself in work. When flying the jet one day she found herself in the worse lightning storm. Her instruments went crazy and her wing was struck by thunder. She ejected herself away from the flaming plane, but the strong wings just pushed her back and both of them fell into the sea. She was unconscious and could swear that a god was holding her in his hands.

The Amazon queen, battling the skeletons manages to break one, and goes for the next. With their blazing swords, they attack Hippolyta and hit her shield. It falls apart and she falls over a ledge, holding on to it for dear life. She cuts a skeleton’s leg and it falls over. She climbs back up, and the last skeleton charges at her, and at the right moment, Hippolyta strikes it with her sword and it shatters to pieces. Though dead, its flaming sword manages to hit Hippolyta’s left shoulder and she faces the two portals, wondering which one to take. As she goes near the two portals, she experiences the wailing sounds in which her daughter experienced. The vulture swoops forward and begins to speak the language of the Pillar of Pallor and the vulture understands the Pillar’s pain. With that comes peace and leads Hippolyta into the left portal. Pan curses at Hippolyta’s correct choice, but surely, she will perish without her daughter’s help!

Diana continues to tell her story. When she had regain consciousness she found herself on a shore of an island. In the distance, she could hear female voices shouting and took out her firearm. She then headed out towards the shouting and there was a Greek column and beyond that was an entrance to the cavern. She stepped into the darkness and suddenly she wished she hadn’t. In front of her were a group of women who were fighting against a multi-handed monster who had escaped through Doom’s Doorways. Later on, she learned its name was Cottus. Apparently, Cottus had broken out during a ritual which was conducted by Menalippe in which the creature had a hold on her. Philippus tried to save her but she was struck down by one of Cottus’ many arms. Without hesitation, Diana fired upon Cottus. Cottus decided to retreat and took Menalippe with him. Philippus ordered her soldiers to prepare to seal the gates while she goes in after her and Diana followed. Philppus was swatted away like a fly, and Diana was still firing at Cottus who then grabbed her and she could see Cottus’ two crimson eyes staring at her and with her last ounce of strength, she fired her bullet in between the eyes of Cottus.

At the same time Diana was telling Wonder Woman her story, Steve and Etta were on the porch and he tells Etta how he will never forget the day before Christmas where he saw his father’s face. Steve would never see his mother ever again.

In the cavern, Diana explains how it was pretty much blur after that and she can remember telling her name to someone who was holding her in their arms, and then she died. Wonder Woman is surprised by such an abrupt ending. “She died child,” says Hades. He tells her that the people who have wasted their lives only need to fear for him and he the brave, wise and innocent should not fear him. Hades continues Diana’s story. Since Diana Trevor died in service to the Amazons, Hippolyta gave her a warrior’s funeral. Battle armour and a coat of arms were forged and the tattered remains of Diana’s jacket were fashioned and sealed. The weapon that Diana also held was also sealed in a place of honour until the weapon could be used to determine one worthy to wear Diana Rockwell’s mantle. And now that mantle is worn by Wonder Woman.

On the other side of the globe, a gun salute is given to Ulysses Trevor's as his coffin is lowered and Steve and Etta give one final salute. Hades tells Diana that it is time for her to join someone who is waiting at the Elysian Fields and replies that she has been waiting for this moment. She says her goodbye to Wonder Woman hoping that the knowledge she has given will help her along the way. She has placed all her faith in the woman who bears her name and others who bear her name… Stephen Rockwell Trevor. As Steve and Etta watch the coffin descend he remembers something that he told his father. It was the night before his mother disappeared. At the time he thought it was a dream but he had a vision of his mother standing over him, comforting him. His father says that she will always watch over, and now he guesses that both of them will.

Hades holds out his hand and Diana takes it and tells Wonder Woman that she is the representation of two worlds and the Amazon heritage is what her destiny is built on. The future should always resonate with the echoes of the past, and may Athena’s wisdom guide her! As Steve lays a flower on his mother’s grave which is next to his father’s and Diana follows Hades into the Underworld but just before they disappear, Diana turns around and asks Wonder Woman to take good care of his son. Wonder Woman flies back through the cavern and she feels that much has changed since her meeting with Diana. She understands her bond with Steve now, but does not know Zeus’ plans. She goes deeper in the cavern and hears Pan’s flute and sees him sitting on top of a rock outcrop. He tells her that her next challenge will put her in conflict with the gods. She will travel to the Green Lanterns to confer with the Guardians of the Universe. There is her next challenge – to help in the birthing of an immortal man and but warns her that the danger lurks in a form of the Manhunters. Diana agrees to take the challenge and a portal opens.

Elsewhere in the canvern, Hippolyta has arrived at the ruined temple and the vulture has flown away. She sees a strange rock formation and stairs that lead down somewhere. Suddenly she hears the flapping of wings. It is not her vulture guide but Harpies. She is outnumbered and once again, she is forced over the ledge. She falls through the darkness but uses her axe to dig into the rock stopping her from falling. But as her axe hits the rock, she hears a cry of pain from it… she realises that this massive stone is in fact Heracles!

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 At the end of the previous issue Diana has come face-to-face with Diana Trevor, the spirit of Steve Trevor’s mother, and the person who she is named for.   This issue explains how it was that Diana Trevor came to be on .   Hippolyta is also following her daughter’s path but experiences   challenges of her own.   What I really liked about this issue is that it gives some meaning to Wonder Woman’s costume besides being modeled after American symbols.   Her costume is a living testament to the sac...

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