razzatazz's Wonder Woman #119 - In the Forest of the Night review

In the lair

As a standalone issue this isn't bad, but it recycles a concept used about ten issues previously, that of being caught in a dreamworld and choosing not to fight back.  This was used previously against Morgaine Le Fay for different reasons, and that time had both better action and worse plot.  This one has a nicer story to it as Diana is actually trying to save Barbara.  Also unlike last issue where I thought Byrne messed up and brought back a dead Chuma, here that is acknowledged and how he came back from the dead.  Also not to focus to much on fashion but Diana looked pretty awesome in the dream sequence.  Byrne is getting respect in my eyes as drawing her better out of her costume than in.  So it is a decent wrap up to this story arc, though the broken off hand kind of freaks me out.  


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