razzatazz's Wonder Woman #118 - Claws review

Not the best

This issue features the return of the Cheetah after a relatively short absence.  Also showing up is Chuma who I thought was dead the last time we saw him.  Anyway, Byrne here sort of undoes a lot of the good work that Perez did on the character, and makes her a lot more two-dimensional.  She is now just a pawn of LexCorp (in a continuation of Byrne not letting go of the Superman titles.)  The Cheetah is drawn extremely poorly as well.  The only thing interesting is the backup story with Hippolyta, though I am not such a big fan of the result, mostly because we know it will be reversed in due course.  That is a beautiful cover though, maybe one of the best ever.  

Posted by SC

Oh haha, before I even read your review, I knew i would want to comment on how much I like the cover. >_>


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