amber's Wonder Woman #11 - Hubris, Part 1 (of 2) review


This creative team actually seems to better understand the Amazon and DC mythology. This is subtitled "Hubris part 1 of 2" issue 11 of the series. This review does contain spoilers.

There’s a lot more action at the beginning with other heroes including Star Girl, Mr. Terrific, Black Canary and Wildcat as they have to take on Circe’s animorphed soldiers and try to stop the launch sequence of the nuclear missile. Other heroes like Green Lantern, Superman and Hawkman appear quickly in the middle.

But the real heart of the issue is about Diana praying to Athena, Goddess of Wisdom. Her Goddess hears her call and transports her to Themyscira which is completely deserted because all of the Amazons are in the United States. Wonder Woman needed this to be a quick stop just to get the antidote for Nemesis’ battery of Amazon hornet stings otherwise he’ll die within hours. The Goddess doesn’t let Diana leave and reminds her that she is also the Goddess of War not just Wisdom; and the other heroes are unable to stop the nuclear missile headed straight for her homeland. Wonder Woman tries to change the missile’s course, she tries to rip out the wiring but the missile constantly corrects itself.

This issue is a real escalation in action written by J Torres with the artistic team of Paco Diaz, Peter Pantazis and Rob Leigh. The panels to drool over in this issue include the pages where Wonder Woman is trying to stop the missile but also the grandeur of Athena standing next to Wonder Woman. Now to be critical, I know what the traditional demographic of comics is but I really doubt you’d see lower abs on this warrior goddess; she’s stunning and the armor looks great but low-riding armor does lose me a bit. There are female readers, especially to Wonder Woman, and even though we love the female body just as much as male readers, sometimes we just need the blatant sex appeal of a female character particularly when it isn't needed. Can we really be frightened of Athena when she looks like a bikini model? I don't find that scary or intimidating at all.

Now what really pisses me off about the way these books are getting has nothing to do with the comic; it’s the god awful annoying assembly of Mad comics and advertising that makes me actually have to search for the next panel. By the next issue, I’ll need my own recon team to find where the action is. However, I am recommending the series as a companion title to Amazons Attack.

Posted by Ms. Invisible

Great review. I agree, the art of Athena is excellent, especially her owl and yes the advertising in it is crazy. Have you read #12? That's just as bad.

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