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Written by J. TORRES with spectacular art by Paco Diaz (NIGHTWING, THE FLASH)! In the midst of all-out war, Sarge Steel has gone missing, and Nemesis is bound and determined to find his missing boss! But with Wonder Woman ready to take the battle to the heart of the enemy, will she have time to rescue Diana Prince’s boss?

Hippolyta has her sword up to Wonder Woman's throat but Superman picks her up with his speeds and reminds her that Nemesis needs help from the dying poison. Batman briefs Wonder Woman on the latest developments and. Oracle informs Black Canary that they have 52 minutes to stop a nuclear missile. Wildcat, Mr. Terrific and Black Canary head for the Department of Meta-Human affairs but are then attacked by Amazons.

Meanwhile, Diana asks the gods to transport her back home and she disappears.

Black Canary, Mr. Terrific and Wildcat make it to the missile launch command centre but are confronted by man-beasts which Circe has turned into to preven them from stopping the launch. Black Canary and Wildcat fight them off while Mr. Teriffic attempts to stop the launch.

On Themyscira, Diana has made it and is looking for the cure but walking through it, remembers the times when the Amazons were happy and peaceful. She then enters the royal palace where the cure for Nemesis is kept.

Back on Earth, Mr. Teriffic manages to override the launch but goes into meltdown.

On Paradise Island, Diana prays for the antidote, but nothing happens.

The three taking care of the override realises that it didn't work, and that it's still counting down and launches itself. Hawkman flies for it but fails; Green Lantern uses his ring to grab it but fails; Power Girl does the same and fails as well, and it is all up to Wonder Woman.

On Paradise Island, Wonder Woman wonders why the gods have not responded to her prayer. The hatch of the room in which she prays open up, but she realises that it's only for the missile to make its landing. She unhooks her lasso and prays to Athena to guide the missile somewhere safe, away from the island, but she has guided it towards the island. Wonder Woman is using all her might to stop it, but is unsuccessful. She reaches behind the missile to break its cords but they regenerate like curling snakes.

She then cries out and questions why Athena is doing such a thing to her. Wonder Woman finds that she has no other choice but to put herself between the island and the missile. An explosion happens, but Wonder Woman finds that she is still alive, and the island is still there. It was Athena in her physical form that stopped the missile. Wonder Woman apologises for being angry towards her and thanks Athena for stopping the missile. Athena asks why Wonder Woman is so angry towards the Gods. Wonder Woman replies that she is angry because she wonders why the Gods didn't stop the Amazons from attack Washington DC. She adds that Athena could have easily stopped it all from happening with her hand, just like she stopped the missile with her hand.

Athena replies, "... but you seem to have forgotten, or perhaps chosen to ignore... that I am also the Goddess of War... and the Goddess of Strategy..."

She wraps her hand around Wonder Woman, who is so small compared to Athena and says, "... and it is for me and me alone to say how and when and why I wave my 'mighty hand'!"

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Though not a fan of the Amazons Attack! story overall for the DC universe, it is still going relatively strong in this title (which one would hope because of the obvious connections.)  Here there are basically two different stories going on which kind of come together at the end.  In the first Diana has to speed away to Themyscira to retrieve the antidote for the poison in Tom's body.  In the second Black Canary, Mister Terrific and Wildcat peel off the main force defending Washington DC from th...

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