crimsonavenger's Wonder Woman #1 - The Visitation review

Wonder Woman for the modern Era

Next to Aquaman, Wonder Woman was the title I was looking forward to the most, Sure it appeared to be quite different from the Wonder Woman we all knew, but that's what intrigued me. I'd been wanting to get into the character for some time now and thanks to this, I can.

The new Wonder Woman costume

The story is that a woman named Zola is found by Hermes who is sent to protect her because she is baring the child of Zeus. When some strange monsters attack her house, Hermes sends her to the one person who can protect her-Wonder Woman.

Reinventing Wonder Woman is no easy task as she seems to be a character that DC has had much of an idea to do with lately. Luckily this writer named Brian Azzarello comes along for the new DCU and reinvents Wonder Woman. She is now sort of separated from The Amazons and the gods have been updated as well. She now has a flat in London, since she in the past has never had much of a base of operations. She still retains everything about her that made her who she is in the past but the world in which she lives in makes this Wonder Woman sort of a brand new character. We don't know a lot about her yet but that is sure to come with the following issues.

I have to give much credit to Cliff Chiang for his work on this book because he's excellent at it. Sure she no longer has the pants, but his design for Wonder Woman is really good. I began to actually like the pants on Wonder Woman and hated to kind of see them go but this new costume for her is a definite improvement upon the other ones she has worn in recent times.

Wonder Woman was a title I definitely knew was going to be good and I had planned all along to pick this one up monthly. While this issue isn't quite as good as I would have liked it to be, I'm still hopeful for this series. This seems to be free of continuity from her previous series so this is a perfect example of a new reader friendly comic that will still please long time fans of the character.


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