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Azzarello Makes You Wonder

The Story 

A mysterious key brings a girl named Zola to Wonder Woman. The son of Zeus searches for his father. 

My Thoughts:

I was looking forward to this new Wonder Woman series ever since it was announced that Brian Azzarello was going to be the series writer. He has been a favorite of mine for some time now. Everything I've read from him to date has been amazing. This first issue however, didn't quite live up to my expectations. Maybe I'm just not seeing what everyone else saw in it. It wasn't horrible, but I don't find it groundbreaking. I read it through twice as it's a very quick read.

I do love how the Greek mythology is incorporated in the story. A wise decision on DC's part. The issue packs a lot of mystery as Azzarello teases you in different ways. We end up with far more questions than answers. Who is Zola? Why was Wonder Woman in London? What is this key Hermes gave Zola? I could go on and on. No doubt answers will be revealed in time.

What I didn't like was how long it took for Wonder Woman to appear. She was barely in this issue. It mostly centered around this woman named Zola who I didn't really care for. Sure we get a shocking plot twist when we find out she's carrying Zeus's child. Other than that we're not given a whole lot of information about her character. This was just the first issue though. Azzarello has a knack for keeping readers at the edge of their seat shrouded in mystery. Once Wonder Woman finally appears the story gets far more interesting. I liked her characterization. Her response to Zola was perfect Wonder Woman dialogue. You are left wanting more as Wonder Woman was only in about half of the issue.

At first I wasn't a fan of Cliff Chiang's art but it's not as bad as I thought. It's starting to grow on me although I wouldn't say it's my favorite. I do see why he was chosen as the artist for this series though. His style suits the series since it's 

I don't feel as if this issue is as good as everyone is making it out to be. I will continue following this series though as I have complete and utter faith in Brian Azzarello's abilities. He's no slouch in the storytelling department, who often times comes off as a slow burn type of writer. I'm sure the series will only get better as time goes on. It was a decent read but definitely not my pick of the week.  

Rating: 3.5/5

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