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The superhero Wonder Wart-Hog, an 8 foot tall 800 pound humanoid warthog has been around since 1962. 

In his everyday life he is reporter Philbert Desanex whom the Hog of Steel becomes by squeezing himself into a 5 foot 7 inch Philbert suit, or at least that seems to be the case most of the time. At others they are two separate entities with Wonder Wart-Hog from time to time commenting on Desanex’s life from his stomach.

Whatever the case may be when the need is called for Wonder Wart-Hog either bursts out of Philbert blowing him to bits (he puts the bits back together later) or crawling out of Philbert’s mouth, “wow I feel great, Its like I’ve lost 800 pounds!”  

The Hog of Steel then applies universal solution to all of life’s problems… extreme violence.  

Wonder Wart-Hog’s only weaknesses are wood, steel and Portland cement, and he’s allergic to strawberry rhubarb, which nullifies his powers if immersed in it. 


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