Wonder Man's Future

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I've been quietly happy with how Simon is being handled in Children's Crusade, not a big role, but quite a defining and positive take on the character. I may not necessarily like how Bendis writes him, but he is using him a little, and that basically means keeping him relevant in a way. Some new images of him out there though, makes me think he may have some stories cooking for 2011 eh? Anyway, this forum seems so quiet, so any opinions are welcome. What you think will happen, should happen, won't happen, who should be the one to make it happen, and why is his energy glow pink below...?!?

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its light purple not pink : ) 
i wish he wouldve joined the Avengers again
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Its cause I changed the hue in photoshop LOL, now its more light purple, before it was Pixie Pink! Not that I mind pink, its actually my third favorite color, but I digress...  
I want him on an Avengers team too. With Ares and Blue Marvel would be great. Secret Avengers needs more powwaah!

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Wonder Man should get a mini where he makes a Avengers movie after a superhero movie craze his the 616 Earth... 

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One of the biggest problem with Simon is that no one seems to want to do anything with him

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In some sort of unorthodox, weird, logical way, I sort of see your point there Emperor.  
I wish PAD could write another Wonder Man mini... so much Marvel movie stuff could be lampooned. 

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I'd like to see Wonder Man back on one of the Avengers teams.  I've always liked the character.
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i want him on the main team
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The problem with Wonder Man is Marvel has never really seems to care about him..and now that the Avengers are just any random previous Avenger that Bendis wants on the team.I don't know what will become of him.He's also made it pretty clear he doesn't want to be one of them.They don't seem to care about any characters as of late only gimmicks so I could see him either being killed soon or being in limbo for a few years until they find something to do with him..with 0 explanation of where he's been or why he's been there.

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Wanda brought Simon back from the dead, I think it'll be up to him to redeem Wanda....hopefully.
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@PrinceIMC said:
" Wanda brought Simon back from the dead, I think it'll be up to him to redeem Wanda....hopefully. "
That would be cool, I have enjoyed his role in Children's Crusade so far and hope him and Wanda both get treated as well in latter issues. 
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in the first avengers arc when steve has all the team together in the tower he says that there not all here and he really wished he had showed up, is he talking about Wonder Man?

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A mini where he continues his struggle with the avengers is a thought.

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Wonder Man is to Marvel as Captain Marvel is to DC. The character can never get a break and is always seen as a second rate Superman. I think Perez and Buseik did him justice in the Avengers relaunch, but little else has been good. Shame too, I love the character.
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Aw I hope they dont kill him or turn him bad, there is very few Marvel heavy hitters that I care about but WM is one of them

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I think they could give him a mini with Peter David where he examines all the movies being made of superheroes. I mean, Marvel 616 should be having movie fever too, and Simon should be first choice for so many roles. 

LOL, imagine a mini where Wonder Man has to dye his hair and grow it long and use his ionic manipulation to bulk up to Thor height to play Thor in a Thor movie. 0_0

Simon needs to hang out with Johnny Cage more... punching people in the groin! Imagine that with class 100 plus strength... 
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I feel he would be more interesting as a villain.

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I would like to at least see this character in Fear Itself.
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WM seems to be lost in the shuffle of all the other super-strong characters and none of his unique abilities stand out.  That, combined with poor writing by writers who don't know or understand the character really makes a mess of SImon.  It is a shame to waste such a good character. 
While Simon could be on the wrong side and do well there, I don't think truly that his heart would be in it.  He is a hero deep down, even if he can't admit it.  He is humble and shy.  Maybe after a brief dance with the dark side, bring Simon back into the light with his powers at their peak, and a new costume to celebrate!

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