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Operation: Galactic Storm Part 11

Having gained an audience with Empress Lilandra, the Shi'ar Avengers away team witnesses Lilandra christen the Nega-Portal for launch. The Starjammers, minus Binary, are sent to tow the "portal" to the Kree Empire, but Corsair protests against sending such a tool through his home space. Lilandra responds like Gladiator did in Thor 445: the concerns of one planet are subordinate to the needs of an entire galactic empire, especially one engaged in "total war." The remaining Starjammers accept the commission, leaving Corsair behind. Wonder Man, however, knows the Nega-Portal is actually a weapon, not just a tool. Grabbing Vision, he leaps aboard the Nega-Bomb and abandons the rest of the Avengers.

Inside the Nega-Bomb, Simon takes the opportunity of being alone with Vision to debate his frustrations over Wanda, Vision's personality (and increasing lack thereof), life, death, and his own dissipating grasp on humanity. Soon the Starjammers discover the stowaways and attack, though the battle is short-lived. Wonder Man convinces them to stop fighting long enough to explain the Nega-Portal is, in fact, a Nega-Bomb - they aren't just shuttling a tool for the war effort but a weapon capable of destroying the entire Kree galaxy. The Starjammers choose to cut the bomb loose instead of having it on their consciences, leaving Wonder Man and Vision adrift in Shi'ar space on the universe's most deadly bomb!

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Philosophy Afloat 0

Staying in the Shi’ar Imperium, the narrative focus returns to the Avengers away team. Some brief time has passed, since the Avengers have finally been allowed to meet Lilandra, who is overseeing the departure of the tool designed to end the war: the nega-bomb, though she is telling everyone it’s just a portal. The question of morality is raised again throughout the issue: first, Corsair refuses to be a part of it. Lilandra’s response is reminiscent of Gladiator’s: is the safety of one planet mo...

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