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Wonder Man

 **Bear with me, this is my FIRST review! Exciting, isn't it?**

Story - What can I say about the story? Well, it's quite typical of comics of that era. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's just you know, the same old. I did quite enjoy the struggle Simon went through regarding his feelings about fitting in as both an Avenger and an actor. Heck, even when he gets the job and just feels "out of place" was pretty well done, in my opinion. The whole - "leave my job to stop the Sandman" bit seemed a bit forced, if you ask me. But hey, it's the norm for these old comics.

Art - Once again, quite typical of 80s comics. I enjoy everything from that era, art included. It just has that ... feel to it which is rather much like "coming home". Facial expressions were well done, backgrounds were nice, and just the overall feel the art gives was good too. And don't get me started on the cover! I have a thing for these types of covers (they remind me of the old "Dazzler" covers).

Overall - I enjoyed this one. I'm glad it was a one shot though because I don't think it would have made for a very successful ongoing. I've always liked Wonder Man so I was a bit biased coming into this one.

3 stars.

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