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Meet Lady Killer—the dangerous assassin who comes head-to-head with the Avenger called Wonder Man! But Wonder Man doesn’t want to just stop her—he’s made a bet with a movie producer to rehabilitate her into a hero! Is this too much for even the mighty Simon Williams? Fortunately, he’s got Ms. Marvel and X-Men’s Beast in his corner...

A gray-haired Wonder Man traveling through New York in the far future recounts the beginning of a story where he attempts to rehabilitate a villain named Ladykiller.

The flashback starts with Simon meeting his former agent Neal, now a documentary maker, over lunch. Neal wants to make a film about Wonder Man.

When leaving the eatery, Simon runs into Ladykiller. She fights in a wild rage ("berserker") and carries a weapon called a Kama that, coincidentally, is charged with anionic energy.

Ladykiller knocks Wonder Man around and crashes into the restaurant looking for an agent named Ken Flevin. Simon intercedes at the last moment and punches out Ladykiller.

During the aftermath, Neal decides that he has the angle he wants for his documentary film about Wonder Man. Using Simon's organization called Second Chances as a jumping off point, Neal wants to follow Wonder Man as he tries to rehabilitate Ladykiller. Neal calls it "My Fair Superhero."

There is a humorous segment where bystanders and principles discuss where "superhero" is one word, two words or one hyphenated word. Simon says it is one word, no hyphen.

When Ladykiller awakes, she is in an apartment (probably Simon's). Both the Beast and Ms. Marvel are there and will take part in the experiment. The issue ends with Ladykiller taking a leap at Wonder Man.







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