Wonder Girl is a Demigod so why isn't she being worship?

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Cassie father is Zeus, so why aren't Wonder Woman, Donna Troy and the other Amazons worshiping the ground she walks on?

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Kratos is a demi-god, why the heck isn't he worshipped? He hasn't done anything wrong.
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@Sexy Merc: Kratos was the God of war, so he was worshiped.  
P.S. This is about Wonder Girl not Kratos.
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When Kratos was the God of War, he was a God because of the powers he gained. He was a Demi-God everytime we played as him, with the eception of a few things, like the beginning of God of War 2. As for this thread, I think Gods get the worship, not the Demi-Gods.
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Hercules was also fathered by Zeus, but the Amazons hate his guts. If you read Greek mythology, Zeus fathered a lot of illegitimate children with mortal women (Hercules is one of the most well-known). Not all of them were worshiped and many had no special powers. Cassie is another illegitimate child of Zeus and a mortal woman; she has powers, but the Amazons are not required to worship her.

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@Sexy Merc: @NightFang: fight settled
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I'm sure that loads of demi-gods don't get prayed to.

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