Why havent both wonder gilrs gotten their own series yet?

#1 Posted by justice teen (467 posts) - - Show Bio

Every single batman and Superman character got one. There is a robin, batgirl, nightwing, super girl, and super boy, but no Donna troy, or wonder girl why? They are both interesting charters that can hold their own but no one seems to take them seriously, or maybe their too much to handle. Personally i think they can do the same thing with them as they do with super boy, duper girl, robin and night wing. Not only that they are a bunch of other characters that should get their own series, instead of Dc wasting ink on one character with multiple series. Batman has batman, and detective comics, Superman has superman and adventure comics. there is also a world finest that not necessary since both of them are on the JLA . what they should really focus on his brave on the bold instead of the world finest. back to the main topic Donna and wonder girl and characters like them should get their own series with writers that actually know who tackle them.

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last time wonder girl appeared on TV with an active role was in 1967. She appeared in the comic of teen titans go on issue 36. In good news she will have an active role in Super Girl's cartoon cartoon shorts called super best friends forever. she needs more notoriety before they could take a chance

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Donna Troy was written out of existence for one

#4 Posted by justice teen (467 posts) - - Show Bio

@Hazlenaut: agreed but they are not doing it in a good compared to how the brought out the others, and Donna has yet to be shown in the dcnu which take place in the early dcu some how she still exist. all im saying the potray everyone else perfectly but fu*k her up.

#5 Posted by Hazlenaut (1960 posts) - - Show Bio

Wonder Woman’s entire cast needs work but let focus on Wonder girl. Just to ask which one should they use and which origin? Seems like she does not have consistency with the writers.

#6 Posted by htb106 (1641 posts) - - Show Bio

Cassie deserves one but I'm just not sure how many people would buy it, I wouldn't want DC to launch it and then cancel it a few months later.

#7 Posted by Skewer (325 posts) - - Show Bio

Its mainly because in comparison to the others on that list they're both relatively new. Robin has been around for many years as well as having the mantle being passed down and while superboy may have existed for only twenty years the mantle has existed for far longer. Ultimately its really because the mantle of those characters have existed for such a long time and they had extensive media coverage while both wonder girls haven't. What they really need for them to get their own comic is more media coverage and exposure because I haven't heard of these two characters until recently.

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