Who is/was the better Wonder Girl?

#1 Posted by Captain13 (3588 posts) - - Show Bio
#2 Posted by queenfrost_ (2490 posts) - - Show Bio

As much as I love Donna, it's Cass all the way

#3 Posted by justice teen (501 posts) - - Show Bio

same here, Donna did her thing but cassie doing it better beside donna way better now than she ever was then. toobad we wont being seeing a comic series from them
#4 Posted by WW-Fan (2728 posts) - - Show Bio

Donna was great Wonder Girl but she is much better as just Donna! Cassie fits better as Wonder Girl! so i voted for Cassie
#5 Posted by batflasharrow96 (445 posts) - - Show Bio

All Cassie ever does is moan. When she's not moaning she's ignored.

#6 Posted by GREGalicious (505 posts) - - Show Bio

I do like Donna better of course, but she didnt really become great until she became TROIA so i'll say Cassie is the better Wonder Girl.

#7 Posted by htb106 (1641 posts) - - Show Bio

Cassie just seems to be a better character.

#8 Posted by wonderW (100 posts) - - Show Bio

Donna great but they must her character up. Cassie is cool being a demigod, it works better with wonder woman's story.

#9 Posted by Primebonnick (3130 posts) - - Show Bio

bump cassie

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