New Lasso

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Does anyone know the oficial powers of her new lariat?

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I thought it was making the person tied by it feel their own rage or something, but I actually haven't read the teen titans since Johns left the book.

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It allows her to age 6 years while everyone else in comics stays the exact same.

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Lol, I think I get it 


And so, can her lasso still do the lightning thing?
because I thought that was awesome.
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I don't know, I know it changed every since she changed from Demi-Goddess to Goddess. I think it is the same as Wondey's and Donna's.
Just got what you meant, lol.

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For those that don't get the joke, Cassie was 12 when she was first introduced in 1996.  She has since aged at 18.
The rest of the children have aged from 16 to 18.  No adult in comics has aged at all since 1996.  In fact, Green Arrow is now 20 years younger than he was back then.

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What ? she has a new Lasso ??? I  didn`t  even notice that . Lol

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I guess we could continue this thread for her New 52 lasso.

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