in her own series

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Wonder girl

I know for a fact that both WOnder Girls are long over due for their own series its not fair that both superman and batman sidekicks got their own series but  wonder woman sidekicks never even once got their own series. they gave powergirl,zatanna, magog, arzael, and the spirt(noone cares about them except powergirl and zatanna)  their own seriesbefore giving both Wonder girls their own series. What do you think    
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If their gonna get a title let Donna and Cassie both headline.  But kick it off as a mini and if sales are well then an ongoing

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@Clara Mass said:

"If their gonna get a title let Donna and Cassie both headline.  But kick it off as a mini and if sales are well then an ongoing "

I partially agree with you

If you wanted to give them a series you would have to do a separate series for each of them, but the mini series experiment  would be a great idea. 

They are both great characters but the two of them are too different  to be in the same series regularly much less dual headliners

. Donna's history is too multiversal (and inconsistent) for a tandem series, while Cassie's is too girl next door (the nerdy tomboy kind) turned miss universe (demigoddess) with superpowers for it all to fit in the same .  
I do think it would work however because there are several questions that could be answered about them and lots of room for character development. I would read it they were done properly 

Gail Simone:

has to write Donna's. Too much baggage, she's an emotional wreck, lots of raw power, several multiverses worth of repressed anger, and several universes of lives for her to sort through as a character; right up Gail's alley.  

Greg Rucka:

has to write Cassie's because of her ties with the amazons and her status as Zeus's daughter. Greg did an excellent job incorporating the Olympians into the wonder woman series during his run on the comic as both allies and opposition but for the most part politically correct puppetmasters. Considering her family tree alone she already has a sizeable rogues gallery from the start (Ares, Heracles, Lycus, Zeus --to an extent, and possibly even Hera) then you throw in some of wonder woman's (Cronus, Devastation, Deimos, Phobos, and Eris) enemies and you have a divinely disasterous combination of power and "god complexes" pun intended. 
They would definately be interesting reads
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@Clara Mass said:
" If their gonna get a title let Donna and Cassie both headline.  But kick it off as a mini and if sales are well then an ongoing "
they gave Cassie a mini once...guess why there isn't an ongoing title for her right now
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Can't argue with you on that one
But in all fairness that was more a "getting over Conner" miniseries: we definately do not need another one of those.  
Im talking more about    discussing her family tree how it interacts with the modern world and how her ties with the olympians affects her status with the amazons (she is known to be Heracles and Ares half sister after all.) and why hasnt Hera tried to mess her whole life up like she has done with all of Zeus's other illegitimate children (I actually opened a forum on the latter topic.) that kind of stuff.  If we're basing it on that series... 
Cassie is a very solid character but unless she is on the teen titans she more often than not gets the Barbie"esque" storylines, and there is a lot about her character that could be explored.     
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true i agree 100%
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I agree aswell.

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They both deserve their own series, let's hope a Donna Troy series is replacing JLI.

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