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Would you like it if Wonder Girl and Supergirl became friends again?
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No.  Their friendship in Titans was contrived and between Teen Titans and Amazons Attack, all memories of the two together come from lousy books.
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@davidkenneth said:
" Would you like it if Wonder Girl and Supergirl became friends again? "
I wouldn't mind them being friends with one another again as long as its written well. The two of them should team up with Batgirl, Stargirl, and Speedy and together they can be the Blond Brigade.
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Cassie has proven she can' be friends with other female characters for a extended period of time lol

aside from Arrowette she has been locking horns with other for awhile now. Bombshell, and Ravager to name a few
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yeah it'd be great if they were friends.

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I'd like it but there new 52 versions would probably not fit.

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