Any new feats in the DCnU?

#1 Posted by teamextrodinary15 (2245 posts) - - Show Bio

I know in the first issue she tore apart that helicopter, but what about any other issues

#2 Posted by Afro_Warrior (1120 posts) - - Show Bio


Nothing new as far as i remember. She didn't really fight much in #2 and she only had a page or so in #3.

#3 Posted by haydenclaireheroes (7612 posts) - - Show Bio

@Afro_Warrior: Ya I agree she has not done anything in the past 2 issues

#4 Posted by BlackArmor (6138 posts) - - Show Bio

#4 is supposed to be mostly her vs Superboy so there should be at least one feat there

#5 Posted by difficlus (10632 posts) - - Show Bio

@teamextrodinary15: was kicked through several buildings and lived to tell the tale several times in her fight with superboy. Fought superboy and held her own.

#6 Posted by htb106 (1641 posts) - - Show Bio

she hit Superboy pretty hard!

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