liberty's Wonder Comics #2 - The Children's Crusade; The Iron Horse Goes Through. review

1939 A Good Year

Patty O'Day
These older comics are impressive.  68 pages without any adds to speak of.  It is like reading 4 or 5 comics today.  It seems like in these issues they would trough everything in these books and see what sticks.  There is every kind of story you can imagine.  The book has a magical hero, Sunday style comics, a new reporter adventure, a detective story, a western, a spy tale, a police drama and a military story.
There are also several one page things ranging from comic strips to bio's of sport stars and athletes.  There is even a one page stamp collecting info write up.  As well a a couple two page stories of similar substance.  The main features were Yarko the Great, Patty O'Day, Dr. Fung, Tex Maxon, K-51, Gang Buster Robinson and Spark Stevens.  
Yarko's story was alright as he faced the evil Shaddiba who had similar powers.  I don't like these stories as the characters are able to do any and everything.  There is no way to defeat these type characters unless you sneak up on them and hit them in the back of the head.  This always happens and the bad guy always locks up the magic user only to have him escape and stop the bad guy.  This story is no different.
Patty O'Day is a really neat character.  As the lead lead of her own story in1939 she really holds her own for the most part and it is surprising considering how other females are depicted at this time.  Patty helps capture the bad guys in an adventure story.
Dr. Fung is a detective story with his muscle bound sidekick Dan Barrister.  This is so much like the spoof cartoon show the Venture Brothers that you can't help seeing the formula to an old comic like this.  In this story that uncover peal smugglers and mudreres.
Tex Maxon is an unuseal cowboy story ad Tex works for the railroad.  However is every-bit a cowboy in mannerisms and personality.  There are some bandits who try to move the building of there tracks through a neighboring town by kidnapping a property owner.  That is when Tex comes to the rescue.
Gang Buster Robinson
K-51 is a classic spy story.  The story is however very choppy as if there was too much story to put on so few pages.  I did not like this story as much as the one in last issue but everyone deserves a mulligan every once in a while.  A couple neat parts to this story is K-51 is a name change as he was called K-5 in the last issue.  There is no explanation for this it is just the way it is.  Also he meets a female spy called Z-19 who could very well turn out to be his love interest.
Gang-Buster Robinson is a story a hate.  This character is suppose to be a head district attorney but he seems to act more like a rouge cop than anything.  In this story he just shoots the bad guy Tips Craven in the back after breaking into his home.
Tips Craven
Spark Stevens is my favorite story in this book.  Spark and his buddy Chuck Lawton fight all the time but when it come to fighting there is no better team.  These guys are a treat to read and are really fun.  In ths story they even go under cover to stop saboteurs. 
In really like these books and recommend them to anyone who can pick them up.  If you want to read books like this PM me and I will tell you how.  I gave this book three-and-a-half stars.  Check it out.
In Liberty We Trust.

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