cafeterialoca's Women of Marvel #2 - Wake Up Screaming; All The Rage review

Kind of lacking.

The Premise: Three (technically 4, cause there's a one page story) stories that tell about Invisible Woman, Songbird, and Shanna the She-Devil.
The Good: The Songbird story seems to be the best of the bunch.  With good artwork and solid narrative, it offers a feel good story.  It gives a good sense of her character in a nutshell.  Compared to the other stories, this is the most quality you will get in this book.
The Bad: The other two stories are flops.  The Invisible Woman's fairy tale just came off as too cutesy for my tastes.  It seems like a story made specifically for a much younger audience, which felt out of place when the book has a T+ rating.  It was basically Cinderella with a bit too much sugar added to it.  Also, what was that subtext about teachers as a profession?   Again, the story felt very shallow.  The artwork was fine for the subject, but had flaws.
Then we get to the Shanna the She-Devil story.  This one was...weird.  Essentially, three people crash in the Savage Land and Shanna "helps" them.  Really, this story was flat out bizarre with clunky dialogue and weird ideas thrown out now and then.  For lack of a better description, it's like on of those political cartoons you would find in an 1900's newspaper spread out over 10 so pages.  Besides ending the book on a real downer (who screams "The Horror, The Horror," when someone dies?!) the last story left me quite perplex.  The art here was alright, but baffling story overlooks it.
Finally, there's the Greg Land cover.  I think that speaks for itself as being embarrassing.
Overall: Though there's a one page about the Savage She-Hulk, this anthology is really a step down.  Only one of these stories was what I would consider likable, and the other two I just have to say what were the writers thinking?!  Really, I kinda wish that Marvel put the Songbird story in place of the Black Cat story in Women of Marvel 1, getting all the mediocre and bad stories in this one.
Besides just one good story, this book is not worth it.  Maybe during the trade that includes all the previous one-shots of females released this year, the good will outweigh the bad.  But in the end, way to end the "Year of Women" with a whimper.

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