Review: Dark Wolverine #90

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Daken wanders the streets of San Francisco, pondering his father's legacy and the proper direction he should take his life to next. 

The Good   

Though Pierfederici skimps on some glaring details (like faces) at points, when his art's on, it's really on, reminding me of the suave, cool, photographic style that Daniel Acuna's been using on Black Widow. Similarily, some of Daken's aphoristic observations are genuinely insightful, like his musings on how the Zodiac killer began and ended his criminal career out of boredom.  

The Bad   

This is really an example of the potential excesses of "decompressed storytelling" as there's really only about 10 pages of plot in this issue.  The script runs a bit too sparse, with musing captions parceled out over multiple pages when they really would've been better expressed in a single page. Consequently, you get the sense that Daken's going through some Marlon Brando-esque "dramatic pauses" and almost forget his train of thought from panel to panel. He also doesn't seem to come to much of a conclusion regarding himself and his lineage either, which is actually a little fitting because fans have often poked fun at Wolverine's often-meandering monologues. 

The Verdict - 2.5/5  

I haven't read any of these Wolverine titles since the beginning of the storyline with Romulus and Skaar, and I find this just as padded as I did then. It's a shame, because both way Way and Liu have been doing great work elsewhere - - even this very week in Black Widow. This really doesn't serve as a defined enough finale for this title.  It actually sets Daken up to be a pretentious ass who really needs a beating (which I don't think was the intention.)    
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i think i will still pick it up
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Is there a reason you write Dakan instead of Daken? 
Lots of typos and spelling errors in the last few posts that I've read off the front page.

#3 Posted by ForbushBug (487 posts) - - Show Bio
@RWBcomics said:
" Is there a reason you write Dakan instead of Daken?  Lots of typos and spelling errors in the last few posts that I've read off the front page. "
Maybe Dakan can team up with Galahed from the Green Arrow review.
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It doesn't serve as a finale because it's not a finale. They just decided they would rather have Daken's series start with a #1 rather than keep continuing Wolverine's old numbering. Especially since they are restarting Wolverine Weapon X as Wolverine. And then when they renumber Wolverine to #300 in 21 issues (unless the count the four issue miniseries in the numbering), they won't have to explain whether they are using the 16 issues of Dark Wolverine that continued the number or the 16 issues of Weapon X.

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@RWBcomics: ya i noticed that and it bothered me. if you're gonna write a review about a specific character you should be sure to at least spell his name right. now i dont know if i can follow this review at all. he even got a commenter to spell it Dakan! Though considering he said it in response to you, you'd think he would do it for a specific reason but i dont get it...
the author of this article, however... i'm surprised this was posted on the front page like this
#6 Posted by RWBcomics (19 posts) - - Show Bio
@WolfMonkey The other commenter was making a joke about another typo on the site.
#7 Posted by WolfMonkey (298 posts) - - Show Bio
@RWBcomics: ahh ok i get it now, but the point remains, the guy reviewed Daken but spelled Dakan. Amazing editing
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Why is this clasafied under wolverine? its about daken/dark wolverine
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damn and this is the first daken issues i picked up. 

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cant go wrong with daken !!!!

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