Would Wolverine's healing factor protect him from starving?

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Like, if he literally goes without food or water for years and years and years... would he die?

I mean... it's kinda impossible for the HF to save him from that right? Then again, the HF itself is impossible so...

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Technically, unless I'm very much mistaken, starvation is the body eating itself for nutrients. Much like dehydration. To determine the answer to this question, we have to confront the precise nature of his healing factor, and the facts thereof: It shouldn't work. Wolverine isn't shown ingesting any additional nutrients that his body could use to regrow lost appendages or other injuries. As such, we have to assume one of two possibilities: he gains that mass from an alternative dimension or some such other energy source in order to fuel that regeneration. Or: His mutation has grown an organ within him that produces it's own nutrients, making his own food when necessary. The latter is far more likely, so yes, more likely than not, Wolverine does not necessarily NEED to eat.

However, you also have to factor in that he's constantly suffering from adamantium poisoning due to his skeleton coating. Therefore, while it may heal severe injuries, it's possible that it would not heal starvation or dehydration while he is in possession of said skeleton til the latter stages where his body begins to shut down. So he may end up in mindless agony til he eats.

I hope that was a sufficient answer, but keep in mind that's totally speculation.

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I vague recall that yes it was once stated in the comics that he can indeed starve to death, but I'm not sure, since I can't find this particular moment.

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His health state directly impacts his healing factor.The more hungry, tired, thirsty, he gets the worse his healing factor gets. And since it is possible for his healing factor to burn out and over tax and without sustenance to replenish then yes he would possibly starve to death eventually. His HF would probably keep him alive longer than normal people without any food or water but that is it.

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@JonSmith: in the 80s a couple of reavers crucified him and left him exposed and he was dehydrated and starving.

in origins and endings he sliced his bicep off for nourishment.

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No said, his body would begin to eat itself to keep basic functions going, eventually it will consume more than it recreates and slowly he will hit fatal levels where those basic functions start failing including the healing factor itself which presumably also needs energy to keep going.

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Of course....or he wouldn't need to eat.

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Logan has stated once before that he survived being buried beneath a massive Iceberg once and he had survived for months by feeding off his cuts of his own flesh. However it has also been stated that his healing factor needs nutrition to work effectively. In terms of going without food for years as you stated, I'm pretty sure he would eventually starve to death actually.

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He'll probably last much longer than most people, but he would eventually die. When starving your body starts to look for every possible internal reserve, but there are limits, eating yourself doesn't work. His healing factor can't generate new healthy tissue full of energy and vitamins without a fresh source.

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