Would Wolverine Die when Drowned or at Space Vaccum? (No O2)

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I was wondering if Wolverine would die with no source of O2 , I know that exist a huge debate about how to kill him but I cant find a final argument about why he wont die (or will die) if drowned, for example.

In my theory, he'll stay at a coma-like state, and the next time he come in contact with O2 he will come back to life.

What do you guys think? Is there any edition where this actually happens to Logan? 

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well we have little evidence of any adapting abilities of wolverine, and healing makes no difference in breathing underwater or surviving in space..............................
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throw his ass overboard in the middle of the Atlantic and it won't matter. The metal in his skeleton would drag him down to the bottom faster than hell and then it won't matter if he can find a way to survive underwater the pressure would never let him go anywhere...

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Didn't Nick Fury already did that? cut off his head, leave it in a completely different room than the body and create a vaccum in the room the head was being kept in and wolvie still came back?

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In a fairly recent issue of Wolverine's own comic (I don't remember which one exactly; it was the series where he teamed up with Maverick again) he admitted that water made him uneasy because his healing factor wouldn't do diddly about drowning.

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It wouldn't kill him.  Lack of Oxygen causes cell damage, and there is no reason that his healing factor wouldn't take care of that for him.   Now whether or not he stayed conscious, I cannot say for certain.

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I think the vaccum of space could kill him because it would couple the lack of oxygen with explosive decompression.  These two factors would combine to first supress (lack of oxygen) Logan's healing powers and then massively strain said healing power when he decompressed (with no atmosphere, and thus no air pressure to exert itself on him, Logan would explosively decompress). 

Without sufficient oxygen to help fuel his full healing powers and abilities, Logan would die from the incredibly massive trauma his body would esperience from decompressing.



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In one of the earlier issues of Wolverine v2 while fighting Tiger Shark, Wolverine theorized that his healing factor would keep him alive underwater indefinitely, but in a state of "perpetual suffocation" that would be worse than death.

Seems like the space question will be answered in a few months based on solicits:

Penciled by JUAN JOSE RYP
Wolverine may be the best there is on earth but will that hold true when Bounty Hunters Monark Starstalker and Paradox take him on a trip through the vastness of Space? What’s all this talk of spaceborn technecrotic viruss that produce a race of unkillable zombies? And just how long can Logan hold his breath in a total vacuum while cutting alien invaders to ribbons? The answers will shock you! Don’t miss WOLVERINE: THE BEST THERE IS 9, coming your way at light speed.

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